So why is an Equine Photographer showing you photos of Fencing?

This photo is a composite photo from a shoot with Zoe Davison.  Zoe is a GB international Modern Pentathlete so of course she has to have top Equestrian skills too.  Zoe is fighting herself here as she made up both parts of this image that I like to call “Inner Conflict” which recently gained the top award for the Southampton Camera Club annual monochrome competition.  Many top athletes have a continuing battle before they even get to the competition arena.  Sometimes it’s training and fatigue, competing demands and recovery.  Other times it’s funding and balancing work commitments with training pressure.  Over the coming months we hope to continue the project together and make more images in the various aspects of her sport (including Equestrian) that will attract the attention of sponsors.  Sponsors could help make that Olympic dream come true.  Zoe is a marketable athlete.  Just take a look.  Have you thought about marketing yourself?