Last week Anastasia ( @limoneroxcviii_pre ) asked me to photograph the lovely Aldo.  Aldo is a pure bred Andalusian Stallion.  When he was being walked through the yard towards the school where I was going to photograph him, I could see he was in superb condition.  He was big strong and a lovely long black mane and wonderful sheen to his dark brown coat. 

We got some lovely photos with him in his bridle so then we though we would try him loose.  He was okay but only for a couple of shots.  Then the naughty boy decide that he was going to roll and there was no way of us stopping him.  All that time in hair and make up wasted but on the plus side, he started to play games and I was certainly happy to go with it.  We got some pretty good photos of him showing his magnificent trot and we were even more lucky with a few photos where he decided to blast his way through my lights.  I simply love the dynamics in those kinds of photos and they make great bold images as large acrylics in your home. 

If you like this kind of photo too and would like a shoot then please get in touch tel. 07920 887909