Thank you to everybody that entered the Christmas Draw.  Closing date was midnight last night and the draw took place this afternoon.  The draw was overseen by Julie and Steve Williams who are directors of Lottery Fund Raising Services You may not have heard of them but they raise a lot of money for air ambulances around the country and although we hope we never need one I’m sure that most horse riders know of somebody that was grateful of their help at one point or another.

So without further ado I am pleased to announce that the winner of this Christmas Draw was Jane Durno.  Jane wins a photo shoot with the choice of an indoor studio style shoot or outdoors with or without lights.  I will get in touch with Jane but I would like to thank all of you for showing support and I shall work out a way of saying thank you so please keep following.

New Forest Pony Equine studio horse portrait in the New Forest Hampshire Equestrian Dressage Eventing