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What can I expect from a photo shoot?

Beforehand we decide what kind of photos you are looking for.  I can either do a photo shoot with natural light or set up my studio equipment in a suitable place where I have complete control over the lighting to give more dramatic final images.  I come to your premises or a mutually agreed venue.  The shoot is likely to last between and hour and 2 hours depending on what we try to do and, of course, the star model and how they respond.  You will receive 5 fully edited digital images to use as you wish.

What are my responsibilities?
You will be responsible for organising a suitable venue and all associated costs.  You will need to prepare your horse (and yourself) to appear in the photos as you would want to be seen.  You will have to organise additional helpers if required.  You know your horse better than me so you have to take responsibility of the health and safety for both you and your horse and any helpers present at all times.
Can you supply a venue or additional help?
There are a number of local venues that I can organise the cost of which will be added to the shoot.  For an additional fee my wife Joanne has experience of horses and can be called on to help handle and pose the horse.
What is the best time of year to do a photo shoot?

When the horses are in their fresh summer coats they look lovely and this is a great time of year for a photo shoot.  However spring bluebells, autumn woodland, winter frost and snow can provide beautiful backdrops too.  Horses that are rugged and clipped look great all year round and some breeds look full of character with a bit of a woolly winter coat.

Can I be in the photos?
Buckinghamshire Windmill Turville Valley Equine studio horse portrait in the New Forest Hampshire Equestrian Dressage Eventing

The photos we will be trying to achieve will be pre-agreed and of course you can be photographed with your horse.  In this case I would ask you to sign a model release form.  Make sure you are happy with your appearance.  We can do a number of different styles ranging from relaxed and informal through to a complete fantasy shoot with hair, wardrobe and make up organised.

How much does a photo shoot cost?
A photo shoot using natural light starts from £200 and the studio style shoot starts from £250.
What do I get for my money?
You get the photo shoot with 5 fully edited images of your choice with all the associated editing.  What this really means is you will have 5 images that you will love.
Who owns the images?
I always retain copyright and own the images and reserve the right to use them for my own promotional or commercial purposes, my website and, on occasions, photographic competitions.  If you wish to purchase the copyright this can be done at normal commercial rates.  Although I own the images, you are able to use the 5 digital images provided from the photo shoot as you wish with no further royalties or penalties but where credits are due I must be given credit for those images.
What additional costs am I responsible for?
You are responsible for any costs associated with transport of you and the horse, venue use, horse preparation and any tack, clothing or props used.  I also ask you to pay for any significant travel costs.
Do you do a special rate for combined photo shoots?
Yes additional horses are charged at £200 each.  For this they too get 5 digital images.  Although we can save on setup and travel time each horse generates just as much editing time.
Can I have more than 5 digital images?
Yes.  Editing remains a significant part of the process so additional images are charged at £25 per image.
Can I order prints?
Gift Christmas Birthday Voucher photoshoot Equine studio horse portrait in the New Forest Hampshire Equestrian Dressage Eventing

Yes.  I can provide prints, framed prints and canvasses but more popular is the range of high quality acrylic mounted prints.  These come in a range of sizes and we can even do a life size image of your horse.  I can show you samples at the photo shoot.  I have also recently been collaborating with a renowned Irish artist and can organise commissions in oil paintings.  Due to the difficulty of sending glass by courier, framed prints are only available for local pickup, mutually agreed delivery or couriered at the buyer’s risk.

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How do I pay you?
To confirm a booking a deposit of £100 is required.  I will invoice you by email.  Bank details are provided and direct bank transfer is preferred although I do take credit cards and accept cheques.
Do you sell vouchers?
Gift Birthday Voucher photoshoot Equine studio horse portrait in the New Forest Hampshire Equestrian Dressage Eventing

Yes I have a range of vouchers to suit every pocket.  These can cover the total cost of the shoot, the total cost of the shoot plus a specific acrylic or print and there are also part payment gift vouchers so your friends can club together for your birthday present.

Can I have the unedited images?
No professional photographer can release unedited images that could reflect badly on their reputation.  I will however edit as many images as you want at £25 per image.
My horse only has 3 legs. Can you Photoshop one in?

Start with the premise that anything is possible then you will find out where the limits are.  However special editing will attract a special fee so when it comes to Photoshop try to keep things to a minimum.  It helps if, as well as the horse, you make sure the head collar or bridle looks great.  I can take out reins but entire bridles or head collars are difficult so I usually try shooting without.  It helps if we have a good venue with good backgrounds that are free of clutter and that are clean.  Similarly with yourself, make sure you are happy with your appearance because I want you to treasure these photos.

What about safety?
Safety is paramount and you are responsible for safety of yourself and any helpers and of course your horse and any other animals present.  I always take care to create the safest environment possible and make sure the horse is comfortable with what is happening.  Even though it is expensive my kit is always replaceable and should never take a higher priority over any person or animal present.  You need to ensure that you are happy with what is happening and where we are working.
How do the horses react?
I have found the horses to be remarkably good.  I am gentle and have good empathy with them.  I take great care in showing them what is going on and getting them used to the lights.  Some horses take longer than others but so far I have not had an insurmountable issue.
Are you insured?
Yes I have public liability cover to the value of £2,000,000.  I do not insure my equipment.
What area do you cover?
I will travel all over the world provided significant travel expenses are covered and significant travel time is paid for.
Do you provide tuition for new photographers?
This is something I can do.  It works better on a 1:1 basis and is best covered on a full day workshop.