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I have a very busy summer ahead of me. Follow me to see my very latest Photos of lovely horses.

Bespoke Horse Portrait Photography by Henry Szwinto

Welcome to Henry Szwinto Equine Photography.

Horse Portrait Photography by Henry Szwinto 

A little bit about Henry Szwinto Equine Photography.  

I’ve had the privilege of photographing some amazing horses and you can see some of the results here.  I hope to make your eyes pop because I am applying my portrait experience to photographing these beautiful animals and the results are different to the usual horse portrait you would normally see.  I can order beautiful acrylic mounted prints to display your stunning horse portrait.  These can come in very large formats.  If you have the home that will take it imagine a life size horse portrait.  For the traditional home I have a full range of canvasses and I also print and frame my horse portrait work up to A2 using a variety of fine art papers.

A bespoke horse portrait provides a lasting memory.  Ring me if you would like a stunning horse portrait of your own.

Photography and horses are 2 different worlds but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t meet.

Action Horse portrait

A leap in the dark

Stallion Studio Horse Portrait

Billy Congo

Honaovarian Horse Portrait


Owner riding horse portrait in natural parkland gardens

Dreams of a Summer's Day

Will and William

Horse portrait using backgrounds

Miss Money Penny

Family fun horse portrait

Every little girl needs a Shetland


Full length horse portrait

Billy Manjaro

Full length horse portrait of Semoto the Lusitano


Dressage rider and horse portrait

Nathan and Ratty

Iberian Champion winning Horse portrait

Ken the Iberian Class Champion

Composite horse portrait of Tetua the Lusitano


Hardy Highland horse portrait

Harvey the Hardy Highland

Lusitano free jumping horse portrait

I believe I can fly!

Alternative dressage rider and horse portrait

Katie and Magic

Horse portrait of a New Forest Pony

Paddy the New Forest Pony

Horse portrait of an Andalusian in the woods


Jumping horse portrait

Billy Cadenza

Bride and horse portrait after the wedding

The Bride

Horse portrait showing glossy coat

First Crusader

Dutch Warmblood horse portrait

Valour the Dutch Warmblood

Owner and horse portrait

Emma with her new best friend

New Born foal Portrait

Logan at 4 days

Horse portrait of Patrick with his flags

Patrick and Tetua

The biggest dressage horse I have ever photographed in a Horse portrait shoot

Sam and Casanova

Traditional National Costume horse portraits

Portuguese Traditional Dress

A horse portrait in natural surroundings


Horse portrait using reflectors at a stable door

Teddy the dappled Andalusian

Horse portrait using studio equipment in a barn

Miss Money Penny

Owner and horse portrait booked for when the bluebells were in flower

Lizzie and Webo

Horse portrait done with studio equipment in a back garden


Close up horse portrait showing traditional Portuguese bridle.

Portuguese Bridle

Combining studio flash and sunset for that dramatic horse portrait

Riding at Sunset

Composite rider and horse portrait

Char with Diamond Dude

Why do girls always go for bad boys with long hair?

Last week Anastasia ( @limoneroxcviii_pre ) asked me to photograph the lovely Aldo.  Aldo is a pure bred Andalusian Stallion.  When he was being walked through the yard towards the school where I was going to photograph him, I could see he was in superb condition.  He was big strong and a lovely long black mane and wonderful sheen to his dark brown coat. 

We got some lovely photos with him in his bridle so then we though we would try him loose.  He was okay but only for a couple of shots.  Then the naughty boy decide that he was going to roll and there was no way of us stopping him.  All that time in hair and make up wasted but on the plus side, he started to play games and I was certainly happy to go with it.  We got some pretty good photos of him showing his magnificent trot and we were even more lucky with a few photos where he decided to blast his way through my lights.  I simply love the dynamics in those kinds of photos and they make great bold images as large acrylics in your home. 

If you like this kind of photo too and would like a shoot then please get in touch tel. 07920 887909

My First Yard Shoots of the Season

How about having some lovely photos?

Now that the world is starting to open up again I’ve been getting lots of enquiries about my photography and it’s great to have got the first couple of Yard Photo Shoots already done for this year.  The first day was very long with a 7.00am start out the front door and not getting back till 9.00pm but we did get to photograph 12 horses.  There is a lot of organisation, travel, setting up and packing away involved in a single photo shoot so if friends can club together it allows me to pass on considerable savings to the individual customers.  The horses are also looking in great shape with their new summer coats so this is a great time of year to photograph them.  Here are some of the photos I took. 

If you think you would like to set up a Yard Photo Shoot please get in touch. tel. 07920 887909

20% discount on Gift Vouchers for Christmas

What can you give your friend that loves their horses this Christmas?

How about a voucher for a photo shoot?  You get a 20% discount but the friend only sees the full price of the voucher.  Just enter the code 8NBDY8SP at checkout.  You can either purchase a whole photo shoot or a part payment voucher. Click anywhere here to view what vouchers are available

Please share this post with any friends that might be interested or why not use it to give people suggestions for your own present.

Gift Birthday Voucher photoshoot Equine studio horse portrait in the New Forest Hampshire Equestrian Dressage Eventing

There will be no real time constraint so we can choose a time when there are no restrictions or simply wait until the horses are looking great in their summer coats.   The usual terms and conditions apply regarding travelling and arranging a suitable venue. 

Dressage Rider Lasseter stud Equine studio horse portrait in the New Forest Hampshire Equestrian

Action Warminster Saddle Club Equine studio horse portrait in the New Forest Hampshire Equestrian Dressage Eventing

whippet dog and horse portrait photography new forest hampshire

Just enter the code 8NBDY8SP at checkout.

The Latest Willberry Wonder Pony Online Auction is LIVE!

This year I am supporting this great Charity, Willberry the Wonder Pony again with a Photo Shoot as an auction lot.  Here’s a chance to have a photo shoot at a possible lower price but also you will know that money is going to the charity so get bidding.  So far they have raised nearly £4000.

Please take a look at my Flip Book to see what kind of photos I can produce with my studio setup.

Click here to go straight to the auction page.

Eventer Equine studio horse portrait in the New Forest Hampshire Equestrian Dressage Eventing