Equine Photography Days

Studio photo shoots organised as a group.

In collaboration with a number of past clients I am planning specialist Equine Photography Days where the economy of scale makes my work available to more people.  Only needing to travel and set up once in a day saves a lot of time and I can pass on these savings to you the customer.  In addition I can afford to absorb venue costs and travel expenses resulting in further savings.  You will still get 5 fully edited digital images (with options for more) to use as you wish and are free to source prints etc. from wherever you want (although my quotes for framed prints, canvasses and acrylic mounted prints are very competitive).

Below are current Equine Photography Days being organised where you will find details. Watch this space for more in the future.

If you feel you would like to help organize an Equine Photography Day please email me at henry@szwinto.com

Downe Farm Event Center TBC

Equine Photography Days In collaborations with Tim Cheffings.  This is a photo of Landslide taken earlier this year at Downe Farm.

Fortune Center, Bransgore TBC

Equine Photography Days in collaboration with Carly Toogood. This is a photo of Ken taken last year at the Fortune Center.