Gift Vouchers, Birthday and Special Occasions gifts for Horse Lovers.


So many riders love their horses and feel that their horse is part of the family.  They would simply love a special portrait that they would be proud to hang in their home.  Already many of my commissions are not being paid for by the horse owners but are in fact a gift from a friend or member of the family.


Gift Vouchers are available from my shop.  Please click here.


equine photography horse portrait gift vouchers

You could buy and give a Gift Voucher.  There are several packages to suit your pocket and I can send the voucher to you or post it direct to the recipient for you.  The gift voucher can be used at a mutually convenient time and even in the case of Christmas presents the shoot can be delayed until the horses are in their summer coats or if we are lucky enough to have snow used at short notice.

I come to the owners premises or a mutually agreed venue but please note that significant travel expenses or venue hire is not covered by the Gift Voucher.