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I have had a very busy summer and I still have some exciting equine portrait shoots still to do. Follow me to see my very latest Photos of lovely horses.

Best bespoke Horse Portrait Photography by Henry Szwinto based in Hampshire but covering the South of England

Welcome to Henry Szwinto Equine Photography.

Horse Portrait Photography by Henry Szwinto 

A little bit about Henry Szwinto Equine Photography.

I have been involved in photography for over 40 years and try to keep a very broad range of work including wildlife, travel and landscapes but I get most reward out of working with people so portraits are always fun for me.  Both my wife and daughter owned and rode horses and so horses have always been part of my life.  They are a natural subject and can look fantastic when photographed well.

I’ve had the privilege of photographing some amazing horses and you can see some of the results here.  I hope to make your eyes pop because I am applying my portrait experience to photographing these beautiful animals and the results are different to the usual horse portrait you would normally see.  Using your best equine photos from our shoot I can order beautiful acrylic mounted prints to display your stunning horse portrait.  These can come in very large formats.  If you have the home that will take it, imagine a life size horse portrait.  For the traditional home I have a full range of canvasses and I also print and frame my horse portrait work up to A2 using a variety of fine art papers.

A selection of my best images are available on general sale.  Click here to take a look.

A bespoke horse portrait provides a lasting memory.  Ring me if you would like a stunning horse portrait of your own.  Ring me if you need a present for a horse riding friend. tel. 07920 887909

Photography and horses are 2 different worlds but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t meet.

My First Yard Shoots of the Season

How about having some lovely photos?

Now that the world is starting to open up again I’ve been getting lots of enquiries about my photography and it’s great to have got the first couple of Yard Photo Shoots already done for this year.  The first day was very long with a 7.00am start out the front door and not getting back till 9.00pm but we did get to photograph 12 horses.  There is a lot of organisation, travel, setting up and packing away involved in a single photo shoot so if friends can club together it allows me to pass on considerable savings to the individual customers.  The horses are also looking in great shape with their new summer coats so this is a great time of year to photograph them.  Here are some of the photos I took. 

If you think you would like to set up a Yard Photo Shoot please get in touch. tel. 07920 887909

Updated my Flipbook

So I’ve had a chance to update my flipbook and I’ve included some photos from recent shoots I’ve been doing.  There will be a new competition to win a photo shoot based on this flipbook so why not take a look?  Use the controls to view the book full screen.  If you would like some photos like these of your horse then get in touch.  If you book a shoot and then subsequently win the competition I will refund your money.

Please share this with any friends that love horses.

Here comes the Summer!

And with the summer comes those beautiful summer coats.  If you are thinking of getting that photo done now is the time to plan.  These photos was taken in the early summer and they show how lovely your horse would look.  Perfect for that large bold acrylic in the hallway you have been thinking of.  I will come to your yard or indoor school with my studio setup and with a bit of help from yourself we will get those great photos.  I can do group discounts if your friends are interested so why not take a look https://www.szwinto.co.uk/equineportraits/equine-photography-prices/

Dressage Lasseter stud Equine studio horse portrait in the New Forest Hampshire Equestrian

Dressage Lasseter stud Equine studio horse portrait in the New Forest Hampshire Equestrian

A Horse named Goose.

horse portrait photography equine portrait

Natasha Blest gave me a great challenge few weeks back.  She wanted a photo of her horse “Goose” which essentially mirrored an image taken of her other horse by another photographer several years ago.  By looking at the previous photo I was able to work out how the lighting was done and we set up in the outdoor school on a windy day which kept blowing my studio lights over.  Anyway this is the result which Natasha was very pleased with and on top of that this scored the perfect 10 out of 10 in the last camera club competition with a seal of merit.  Also the judge said it was his favourite image of the evening.  Thanks Natasha.
With Christmas coming up could a photo shoot make a great present?

Photos with Charlotte

These are a few recent photos from a shoot with Charlotte Elliott and Trooper.  We started outside in the early morning light before switching to indoors with studio lights.  Charlotte and Trooper having been doing well in competition recently and it was clear that since my last shoot with them Trooper was looking stronger and his movements were more consistent.  When shooting movement with studio lights consistency helps with the timing.