Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Will Rawlin the young up and coming eventer based near Hungerford.  Will has been working with Elite Horse Owners who introduced me.  Will brought 3 horses to the shoot including William, Vinnie and Conker.  All 3 horses were near to competition so were in great shape and their beautiful shiny coats came out really well with the studio lights.  We got many great photos but probably my favourite is the monochrome study of Will and and Wiliam.  Will is very gentle with his horses and, for me, this photo summed up the relationship he has with them.

Eventer with horse in dressage top hat and tails

These are some of the other photos from the day.

Will Rawlin Eventing‘s horses looking in #OutstandingCondition #FedonTopSpec #TopSpecShine #CreatedwithoutCompromise for #OutstandingResults