Henry Szwinto Equine Photography competition 2019.

Win an Equine Photo Shoot with Henry Szwinto Equine Photography valued at £250!

How to enter, Rules and T+Cs.

The winner of my “Henry Szwinto Equine Photography” competition will receive a free photo shoot by me (T+Cs apply). 

VERY IMPORTANT, if you love my photography and you want to book a shoot anyway I will refund your booking if you subsequently win the competition. 

The competition CLOSES at MIDNIGHT on June 18th 2019.

How to enter.

Entries are through my website only.

Count the photos using studio lights in my flipbook and answer the Tie Break Question.

In many of my photo shoots I setup a studio in an indoor arena and this helps bring out the beautiful shine in your horse’s coat and the sparkle in their eye. So simply have a look through my flipbook of horse photographs and count the number of different photos that were taken using studio lights.  Be careful though I also use my studio lights outdoors.  Enter your answer and contact details in the form and complete the tie break question.  If you like lovely photos of lovely horses I think you will enjoy looking through the flip book.

Competition entry



Only one entry per person but do share amongst your friends and family via social media because your mum or dad could win it for you. 

Most importantly the figure I have already arrived at is final.  After all, it was me that took the photos and this is supposed to be a bit of fun too.

I will travel anywhere in the world to do this photo shoot (See T+Cs) so I welcome entries from anywhere in the UK and also our friends abroad.  If the winner doesn’t want the prize for whatever reason (including cost of travel expenses) then no alternative will be substituted but instead the prize will be offered to the next ranking entry.  However the winner can use their photo shoot as a gift to a friend or relative or donation to a charity auction etc. but the original terms and conditions still apply.

The winner will be the person who guesses nearest to the figure I have already arrived at.  In the case of a tie the winner will be selected based on their answer to the tie break question.

I hope you love looking at my work and look forward to your entries.

Terms and conditions.

The decision of Henry Szwinto is final

The prize is for 1 photo shoot with Henry Szwinto Equine Photography and can be used for a photo shoot using studio lights or natural light and can be just the horse or horse and rider/owner.  As per the normal photo shoot the prize is for digital images only.  The winner is free to use the digital images as they wish which includes sourcing their own prints with no further royalties but Henry Szwinto Equine Photography will be pleased to quote for prints or framed prints, canvases, acrylic mounted prints and even oil paintings which I believe to be very competitive.  Acrylic mounted prints can be up to 3m x 1.4m and even life size using several panels is possible.  8” x 6” prints will be supplied at a nominal cost of £10/print.

The winner will be responsible for all costs of the shoot venue and any travel expenses incurred by Henry Szwinto Equine Photography.  The winner is responsible for the presentable turnout of their horse/themselves and all costs involved.  The winner is responsible for handling the horse or providing a suitable handler who will help position the horse during the photo shoot and look after the horse’s welfare.

The prize must be used within 12 months of the winner being declared unless an extension is agreed by Henry Szwinto Equine Photography.  Time and venue to be mutually agreed and outdoor shoots are subject to weather conditions.  I don’t mind getting up early if you want that morning mist or working late if you want to ride across the sunset.  A good time of year is when the horses first get their summer coats but late May and early June tends to be very busy.  Subject to commitments I can do short notice e.g. if you want a winter shoot and we are lucky enough to get snow. 

I’ve not failed yet but there’s going to be an uncooperative horse out there somewhere so no guarantee can be made regarding the final images or portraits of the horse.

With prior agreement by Henry Szwinto Equine Photography the prize can be transferred to a third party in which case the original terms and conditions still apply.

With prior agreement by Henry Szwinto Equine Photography the prize can be used for one of Henry Szwinto Photography’s other products such as Wedding Photography, Family or Portrait Photography or Dog Portrait Photography.  If a more expensive product is chosen such as wedding photography the Equine Photography Prize will be applied as a discount to the value of £250.  If a less expensive product is chosen then no credit or other product will be given for any difference in value.

There are very important safety considerations so the Equine Photography Code of Practice and Agreements applicable to my standard photo shoots also apply.

Equine Photography Code of practice and Agreements.

  1. The welfare of both horse and rider are absolutely paramount. I as a photographer have no knowledge of where the safe limits of an individual horse lie so it is the responsibility of the owner and rider to say “no” if there is any doubt.  Any individual concerned or observing should question anything they feel is unsafe.
  2. Particularly in the case of “action” photography the shoot will be terminated if the horse starts to show signs of injury, fatigue, distress or continues to be uncomfortable and stressed about a piece of equipment or lighting technique etc.
  3. Each shoot will aim to produce a number of photographs or horse portraits that are agreed by the owner/rider and myself beforehand. The agreed images can be suggested by any party involved but may be limited by feasibility, circumstance, facilities or horse and rider ability.  There may be circumstances beyond my control where certain horse portraits are impossible or the shoot has to be terminated early.
  4. The owner/rider is responsible for themselves and the horse (including risk or actual injury), their own or hired property and facilities (including wear and tear or damage). I in turn am responsible for my own photography equipment (including wear and tear or damage) and my own safety.
  5. Owners of the horse and property and any models concerned must sign model release forms and property release forms as appropriate. Any models under the age of 18 require model release forms and photo shoot agreement forms signed by their parent or guardian.
  6. The photographs and portraits of horses remain the copy written property of Henry Szwinto Photography but are available to all parties concerned under pre-agreed terms. Henry Szwinto will be free to use all images for competition, promotional or resale purposes unless prior agreements have been made.