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I have a very busy summer ahead of me. Follow me to see my very latest Photos of lovely horses.

Bespoke Horse Portrait Photography by Henry Szwinto

Welcome to Henry Szwinto Equine Photography.

Horse Portrait Photography by Henry Szwinto 

A little bit about Henry Szwinto Equine Photography.  

I’ve had the privilege of photographing some amazing horses and you can see some of the results here.  I hope to make your eyes pop because I am applying my portrait experience to photographing these beautiful animals and the results are different to the usual horse portrait you would normally see.  I can order beautiful acrylic mounted prints to display your stunning horse portrait.  These can come in very large formats.  If you have the home that will take it imagine a life size horse portrait.  For the traditional home I have a full range of canvasses and I also print and frame my horse portrait work up to A2 using a variety of fine art papers.

A bespoke horse portrait provides a lasting memory.  Ring me if you would like a stunning horse portrait of your own.

Photography and horses are 2 different worlds but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t meet.

Action Horse portrait

A leap in the dark

Stallion Studio Horse Portrait

Billy Congo

Honaovarian Horse Portrait


Owner riding horse portrait in natural parkland gardens

Dreams of a Summer's Day

Will and William

Horse portrait using backgrounds

Miss Money Penny

Family fun horse portrait

Every little girl needs a Shetland


Full length horse portrait

Billy Manjaro

Full length horse portrait of Semoto the Lusitano


Dressage rider and horse portrait

Nathan and Ratty

Iberian Champion winning Horse portrait

Ken the Iberian Class Champion

Composite horse portrait of Tetua the Lusitano


Hardy Highland horse portrait

Harvey the Hardy Highland

Lusitano free jumping horse portrait

I believe I can fly!

Alternative dressage rider and horse portrait

Katie and Magic

Horse portrait of a New Forest Pony

Paddy the New Forest Pony

Horse portrait of an Andalusian in the woods


Jumping horse portrait

Billy Cadenza

Bride and horse portrait after the wedding

The Bride

Horse portrait showing glossy coat

First Crusader

Dutch Warmblood horse portrait

Valour the Dutch Warmblood

Owner and horse portrait

Emma with her new best friend

New Born foal Portrait

Logan at 4 days

Horse portrait of Patrick with his flags

Patrick and Tetua

The biggest dressage horse I have ever photographed in a Horse portrait shoot

Sam and Casanova

Traditional National Costume horse portraits

Portuguese Traditional Dress

A horse portrait in natural surroundings


Horse portrait using reflectors at a stable door

Teddy the dappled Andalusian

Horse portrait using studio equipment in a barn

Miss Money Penny

Owner and horse portrait booked for when the bluebells were in flower

Lizzie and Webo

Horse portrait done with studio equipment in a back garden


Close up horse portrait showing traditional Portuguese bridle.

Portuguese Bridle

Combining studio flash and sunset for that dramatic horse portrait

Riding at Sunset

Composite rider and horse portrait

Char with Diamond Dude

Photos with Charlotte

These are a few recent photos from a shoot with Charlotte Elliott and Trooper.  We started outside in the early morning light before switching to indoors with studio lights.  Charlotte and Trooper having been doing well in competition recently and it was clear that since my last shoot with them Trooper was looking stronger and his movements were more consistent.  When shooting movement with studio lights consistency helps with the timing.

Foals at Dawn.

I was out early this morning trying to photograph some rather un-obliging fallow bucks.  This foal reacted like he had never seen a person with a camera before.  His back lit fluffy main and chin fluff saved the day.

Playing with my new lens

I had just taken delivery of my new wildlife lens so I thought I would go over the local pond and try it on a few swallows but then along came Christina riding western on Braveheart, her lovely Rocky Mountain horse.  Quite a good test fro a 400mm handheld shot.  Very different to my normal equine portrait lens but I still find a 400mm useful when trying to photograph horses that like to crazy when they are first turned out

Farley Hall Horse Trials 23rd June 2018

Had a great day at Farley Hall over the weekend catching up with a few people.  We were there to watch Tim Cheffings ride his 3 horses but in particular EHO Landslide Lion in his first outing after a bit of an injury.  I photographed “Leo” for Elite Horse Owners last year and when we arrived I recognized the horse out of a group of riders first rather than Tim because I remember his lovely neck and head from the photo shoot.

The Face of Topspec

Topspec, horse portrait, Fed on Topspec

The Face of Topspec.
These are some of my favourite photos from a shoot for #Topspec last week. Kate and Blue were chosen to be the #FaceofTopspec this year and I was delighted to be asked to do the shoot that was part of Kate’s prize. Blue was immaculate thanks to Kate’s prep and his lovely shiny coat really showed off his beautiful colour pattern.  We took some studio photos indoors followed by some outdoor riding photos and some more casual shots in the orchard.

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