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I have a very busy summer ahead of me. Follow me to see my very latest Photos of lovely horses.

Bespoke Horse Portrait Photography by Henry Szwinto

Welcome to Henry Szwinto Equine Photography.

Horse Portrait Photography by Henry Szwinto 

A little bit about Henry Szwinto Equine Photography.  

I’ve had the privilege of photographing some amazing horses and you can see some of the results here.  I hope to make your eyes pop because I am applying my portrait experience to photographing these beautiful animals and the results are different to the usual horse portrait you would normally see.  I can order beautiful acrylic mounted prints to display your stunning horse portrait.  These can come in very large formats.  If you have the home that will take it imagine a life size horse portrait.  For the traditional home I have a full range of canvasses and I also print and frame my horse portrait work up to A2 using a variety of fine art papers.

A bespoke horse portrait provides a lasting memory.  Ring me if you would like a stunning horse portrait of your own.

Photography and horses are 2 different worlds but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t meet.

Action Horse portrait

A leap in the dark

Stallion Studio Horse Portrait

Billy Congo

Honaovarian Horse Portrait


Owner riding horse portrait in natural parkland gardens

Dreams of a Summer's Day

Will and William

Horse portrait using backgrounds

Miss Money Penny

Family fun horse portrait

Every little girl needs a Shetland


Full length horse portrait

Billy Manjaro

Full length horse portrait of Semoto the Lusitano


Dressage rider and horse portrait

Nathan and Ratty

Iberian Champion winning Horse portrait

Ken the Iberian Class Champion

Composite horse portrait of Tetua the Lusitano


Hardy Highland horse portrait

Harvey the Hardy Highland

Lusitano free jumping horse portrait

I believe I can fly!

Alternative dressage rider and horse portrait

Katie and Magic

Horse portrait of a New Forest Pony

Paddy the New Forest Pony

Horse portrait of an Andalusian in the woods


Jumping horse portrait

Billy Cadenza

Bride and horse portrait after the wedding

The Bride

Horse portrait showing glossy coat

First Crusader

Dutch Warmblood horse portrait

Valour the Dutch Warmblood

Owner and horse portrait

Emma with her new best friend

New Born foal Portrait

Logan at 4 days

Horse portrait of Patrick with his flags

Patrick and Tetua

The biggest dressage horse I have ever photographed in a Horse portrait shoot

Sam and Casanova

Traditional National Costume horse portraits

Portuguese Traditional Dress

A horse portrait in natural surroundings


Horse portrait using reflectors at a stable door

Teddy the dappled Andalusian

Horse portrait using studio equipment in a barn

Miss Money Penny

Owner and horse portrait booked for when the bluebells were in flower

Lizzie and Webo

Horse portrait done with studio equipment in a back garden


Close up horse portrait showing traditional Portuguese bridle.

Portuguese Bridle

Combining studio flash and sunset for that dramatic horse portrait

Riding at Sunset

Composite rider and horse portrait

Char with Diamond Dude


Congratulations to Liz Husband

Liz is the winner of my recent competition based on my online flipbook of Equine Portraits.

Many of my striking images are achieved using a studio setup so I asked how many photos in the book were taken with the use of studio lights.  We also had a “Tie Break” question and there were some lovely answers but Liz was the only person to correctly count 109.

Well done Liz.  I will be in touch separately to organise a shoot.

If you didn’t win here’s something you might be interested in

I did love many of your answers to the Tie Break question “Where would you like to be photographed with your horse and why?” and I also appreciate that you liked my work enough to want to enter the competition.

So to all of you that did enter the competition I am offering a half price photo shoot for you and your horse.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer please email me at henry@szwinto.com or call me on 07920 887909

Hope to hear from you soon.

Parley Equestrian Unaffiliated Dressage 16th June 2019

I hope all of you that competed in the Unaffiliated Dressage at Parley Equestrian Centre yesterday, 16th June 2019 had a great time.  I’ve discovered that there is more opportunity to photograph a horse and rider in a dressage competition than there is in a show jumping competition because there are no jumps in the way so there plenty of photos to look at in each of the classes.

Please click here to go to the galleries on my main website.

What can you do on a wet day? I know! Enter a competition.

Don’t fancy going for a ride till it stops raining?

I know, why don’t you enter my competition to win a Photoshoot?  All you need to do is count the number of photos in my flipbook that used studio lights and answer a tie break question.  At the same time there are some great photos in my book for you to enjoy.  Click here to go straight to the competition page. 



Parley Equestrian Centre Unaffiliated Showjumping 2nd June 2019

Today I had the great pleasure of attending the Unaffiliated Show Jumping at the Parley Equestrian Centre in Dorset.  Although I was the official event photographer I was also there to introduce people to my own style of specialist Equine Portraiture.  There’s something very satisfying when people show how much they like your work but I also hope they like their event photos too.

To view the event photos please click anywhere in this post and it will take you direct to the galleries where you will be able to view the different classes.

I am hoping to return for the dressage later this month.